Christina Guliuzza

React Product Engineer

Hey, I’m Tina, I’m a likeable product and user-focused React Engineer with personable and empathetic communication skillz*

* skillz with a z is 11.5x more than the normal level of skills.

These People Want Me to Work with You

“A developer that will go places. Tina is quite possibly one of, if not the best developers I've worked with - despite being junior in her experience. Her communication is impeccable, her eagerness to learn and her want to understand both product decisions and user experience set her apart from a sea of developers who just want to code.”

David Pomfret

“Skip the words below and go directly to hiring Tina. She's one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, and curious employees I've worked with. [...] I would hire her again and again for not only her React skills, but also for her attention to front end design details and her skill with people. I have no doubt that in time Tina will be at the highest levels of product dev because of her willingness to learn and grow.”

Matthew Smith

“Tina is one of the most flexible, personable, and technically dedicated engineers I've had the pleasure of working with. Grab her while you can, y'all!”

Alex Martin
Christina Guliuzza portrait
Christina Guliuzza

About Me

Hey, I'm Christina. Most folks know me as Tina.

I have developed and maintained end-to-end products using Javascript and React. I am particularly interested in programming customer-centric SaaS applications, with a focus on data-driven decision making and rapid growth.

My understanding of user experience and data analysis enables me to make informed product decisions. My colleagues have described me as detail-oriented, patient, and reliable.

I'm currently a React Product Engineer at Really Good Emails, where I lead our SaaS product development.